Which Fishing Mainline is Suitable For Ultralight Game?

Disagreements happen anywhere in all kind of fishing game and same goes for ultralight fishing. There are a handful of anglers who consider themselves smarter (from producer / engineer who did not sleep during the night to make high-quality line) said that ultralight is ONLY for mono line not for braided line.


There once I read in a group arguing 1lb braided line vs. mono 1lb strength and is acting as they are a qualified engineer. When we intervene and share them the line is measured in different ways and one of them is resistance strain. The difference is on the artificial materials they used to construct the lines for different kind of use. We gave example 1kg of iron vs. 1kg of cotton and ask them which one is heavier strangely some answered iron is heavier. This is where can we see how we fall prey to the teachings or incorrect knowledge. They do not realize the weight is actually the same but their brain is processing differently based on their understanding without thinking it properly. The different on this is only on the material and strength. And it has different functions for specific uses. And is the same concept applies for fishing lines.

There some anglers saying that braided line is 3 times stronger than mono. Not sure where did they get that information. If this is true then why on earth heavy games anglers using mono lines instead of braided line?

All these are just solely personal opinions to show-off but no solid proof. Even worst some says only mono line categorized for ultralight game. If that’s correct then why manufacturers produce braided line?

The facts are all lines have a breaking strength and it could be slightly higher or it could be lower. But at least the reference given is majority the line breaks at certain point. The lines are created for specific purpose. Some lines have when thin diameter because the product inventor want it to use for targeting fish that spooks. Sometimes even the diameter is thinner but the diameter is higher because it was created to sustain the impact when the fish force to run away. Ever thought of that?

Mono or braided rope is purely optional (optional). It is actually based on the anglers itself on which he feel suit to his style of fishing, target fish and fishing locations. There’s angler feel a mono line is more fun and others feel braided is better because the vibration due to lack of memory. So, it’s a choice actually to suit the needs. That’s all.

There are also lots of arguments about braided line is stronger than mono line but all these is just pure speculative. If that is so true then why does big game anglers using mono lines? There is yet anyone (end user) able to show facts on the claims. There are manufacturers that produce a chart breaking point for braided line is higher but not every brand is the same because materials used are not same of other manufacturers. Not all manufacturers having the same breaking point. There are too many other factors exist that we aren’t aware or even know in ensuring of how it’s actually calculated/measured for the line strength. What we normally know is its based friction and strain.

Mono line actually remained as the top choice for offshore big game fishing because of the elasticity can handle the pressure of such a large marlin, tuna or shark. Why are they not using braided? It’s a choice to suit the game actually. The lines are designed for specific purpose on specific fame. That’s all.

Certified Engineer from are paid tens of thousands dollars to design, doing research & development and conducted tons of tests to verify the quality and said its 6lbs. Who are we (as end user) to question it?

Below are examples of lines tested to find breaking strength (take note its not latest and it can be based on old technology):



Both Mono and braided line is made using different ways testing methods. Many try testing the lines using both hands (or tie it on objects) to show which will break first. That’s not right way to prove the strength. Both lines are specially designed for different purposes so the way to conduct a breaking test is totally different.

Technologies now have become more advanced. Those days braided line does not exist because there is no technology such as advanced as the present. But we have been through significant changes since decades in the technology so nothing is impossible now. If you recall, it’s hard to find a line with small diameter with high (lb) strength but today you can find it everywhere.

Examples due to technology we can find lines line Berkley Fireline Crystal and Berkley Nanofils where both are not braided or mono. The lines is specially designed for the purpose of a more satisfying in terms of anglers able to cast a better distance and getting better smoothness when casting.

The assumptions without facts should not be taken as references. Don’t waste your time to take it as useful information. Only the manufacturer knows all the authentic information and more so we as consumers do not have to make assumptions without knowing the true facts. Better remain silent and enjoy the fishing.


Braided or mono lines are all suitable for this ultralight game. It’s just available for choices to suit the target fish, the game area and tackles used.

The fishing line is among the most important components of fishing gear for anglers as it is connecting directly between angler and fish. Using the correct line allows you to do good lure presentation, absorb better friction, enjoy the sensitivity when the fish bites, easily hook up and land the fish and many other reasons that making process of fishing becomes exciting. Choosing a proper line depending on how you understand which have a specific use and quality including stretching, flexibility, knot strength, visibility, power break, diameter and friction resistance.


Fishing line nowadays is made entirely of synthetic materials such as nylon, polyethylene, Dacron, spectrum, Dyneema, polyvinyl chloride, and lead wires. Manufacturing fishing lines vary from using the extrusion process, dilution and mixing of polymer formed into threads through monofilament, fluorocarbon or copolymers fishing line. Braided line is made by braiding or weaving man-made materials such as Dacron fiber, Dyneema or spectrum.

Not all line brands can suit all fishing conditions. In choosing the best type of mainline to the targeted fish species we should take into account many other factors like size and species of fish along with lures presentation and most important the line suitability to setup (rod, reel, lure). Understanding each type of line will allow you to make a successful fishing trip.

This is the real purpose of mono and braided lines invented. Technology made to change according to the environment, fish targets, progress and is designed to give satisfaction to the angler to fish according to their suitability.

All information given is based on a best efforts to express our opinions and knowledge that has been acquired. Paragraph or inappropriate words may have been used and it is out of control because we have tried most wisely. If you have suggestions, please comment. We will make changes.

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