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Masa Depan Pancingan Ultralight: Setting Up The Trend


Pancingan ultralight telah menjadi fenomena bukan sahaja di negara kita tetapi di serata dunia. Satu ketika dulu apabila ia diperkenalkan kepada pemancing di Malaysia ramai yang menganggap ia satu pancingan yang tidak akan dapat sambutan. Kini hampir semua pemancing membawa setup ultralight atau ringan kemana-mana sahaja beberapa sebab utama iaitu perairan kita makin kurang spot mancing yang padu dan kekurangan …

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Sail Fish On Ultralight Challenge at Rompin Pahang, Malaysia


When I first heard story around 2012/2013 from a friend there’s angler from US came down to Rompin, Pahang Malaysia and managed to land a sail fish using 6lbs line. I said what…??? Seriously? Wowwwww… That’s crazy. I was quite attracted to the story and started researching the legitimacy whether it can be done. The more I spent time researching …

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How To Measure Your Reel Drag Setting For Ultralight Fishing?


The drag mechanism on the reel is designed to let you set how much fish resistance you feel when it pulls your baits and fishing line. Drag is measured in pounds but the manufacturer will label it to the closest estimation in KG. The more you tighten the drag the stronger you will feel the fish resistance. If you apply …

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Understanding Ultralight Fishing Concept For A Big Fish


Ultralight game has taken up the momentum again now since it was introduced long ago. We can hear almost everywhere anglers are talking about Ultralight fishing regardless they enjoy it or they don’t accepting it. In Malaysia this phenomenon has now spread throughout the country. It has become one of the sport fishing style that ventured by various ages and …

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Anything Is Possible, A Test of Character…


Well, it’s almost impossible. We’ve gone from an angler that always looks for fans to a mature angler that only look for satisfaction. I believe you’ll agree if I say we’ve been through a lot as an angler. With all the life as a school boy gone, what’s going to happen to us nobody can predict. We all know what …

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The Pros and Cons of Spinning Reels For Ultralight Fishing


Choosing a spinning reel can a simple task because it’s much direct and easily serve the purpose of any type of fishing style. But to choose the best spinning reel can be a real challenge if you are into specific fishing like ultralight game. When it comes to ultralight fishing many forget or many not really paying extra attention into …

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Memahami Ultralight Fishing Vs Finesse Fishing


Dua terma yang selalu di salah gunakan oleh pemancing di negara kita. Ramai yang suka menganggap Finesse fishing adalah ultralight. Ternyata fahaman ini membawa pelbagai isu seperti tidak puas hati di kalangan pemancing ultralight yang mengemari bait casting (BC) sebagai game mereka. Mengapakah ini terjadi? Sejak fenomena ultralight fishing (UL) yang lebih menggunakan spinning sebagai setup pancingan pelbagai fahaman telah …

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Taking Steps to Ultralight Fishing

Ultralight fishing is now approaching a more positive direction. This is because the changes taking place in our world with the fishing spots become lesser that were once considered fish heaven is now damaged because of development. Now, the world is filled with stone forest where all the rivers and lakes have been filled in for development purposes. So, big …

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Which Fishing Mainline is Suitable For Ultralight Game?


Disagreements happen anywhere in all kind of fishing game and same goes for ultralight fishing. There are a handful of anglers who consider themselves smarter (from producer / engineer who did not sleep during the night to make high-quality line) said that ultralight is ONLY for mono line not for braided line. Really? There once I read in a group …

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How to Make Suitable Spinning and Bait Casting Reel Selection For Ultralight Fishing?


Reel selection process is also very important so that it can give satisfaction when fighting the fish. With the advent of more modern ultralight reel it has now become more smoothness, various speed, better gearing, tough shaft, durable entirely, improvise  line roller and smoother reel drag but this has caused the reels selection become more challenging. What is the important …

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