Taking Steps to Ultralight Fishing

Ultralight fishing is now approaching a more positive direction. This is because the changes taking place in our world with the fishing spots become lesser that were once considered fish heaven is now damaged because of development. Now, the world is filled with stone forest where all the rivers and lakes have been filled in for development purposes. So, big fish is hard to find left only small fishes which suits nicely with ultralight setup.

Ultralight Fishing: More Benefits Than Troubles

Making the transition from the usual fishing style to ultralight provide challenges that often frustrate anglers to stop before they were actually able to begin studying the concept of ultralight fishing. For those willing to go through these difficulties will experience a unique experience. Many anglers are desperate and given up because they do not learn the basics and never really spend time to understand the actual concept of ultralight fishing. Many thought more burden/troubles than benefit. Apparently this is the lack of proper understanding.

But with the existence of Mr. Google with tons of information and YouTube as video guidance now more anglers are taking a step to make ultralight as one of their fishing game. The reason they willing to try is because the fish sizes today is getting smaller and to get the excitement ultralight is the best to go with.


Practice your Casting Technique

The first step in mastering the ultralight fishing is by understanding how to cast properly. If you are from heavy game fishing area or using bait casting as your fishing setup then transition to UL spinning might give you some tough time to control during cast. To master the use of spinning setup you may want to correct and strengthen the position of the shoulder to make sure your goals are right.

When you begin to feel more comfortable, you will begin to understand everything about the rod tip speed and the best way/time to release it. Ideally, you want to ensure able to cast the lures comfortably to the intended spots and almost silently drop on the water.

Understanding Wind Direction

Perhaps the biggest challenge that you may encounter with ultralight fishing is the wind. Line you will be in the range of 2-6 pounds, and baits you will ideally be in the range 1/16 to 1/32 ounce. If you have chosen to do so, the easiest way to cope is to use the wind to your advantage to change the place where you stand so you ignore the wind and to help provide extra distance. If you cannot change your position, you may need to change your bait to something more suitable, but remember that this will change in response to your rod. Be careful not to overload your rod to compensate for wind or trying to cast farther. Make sure your bait in accordance with the setup to avoid broken rod issue.

Earn The Benefits

Once you overcome the obstacles in ultralight fishing, you will be able to start enjoying the fish as size of your palm pulling like a monster fish. This is where you will work hard not to break your lines at first.

You’ll get valuable experience when able to master all the difficulties. This is where you will begin to understand more deeply ultralight fishing. Those days you afraid 20lb line will break when got push by fish but now that feeling was contained as ultralight teach you to understand your setup more accurately. Not only that, ultralight also teaches you what is the meaning of patience and being sensitive in dealing with all the difficulties and challenges when fighting a fish. You gain knowledge while enjoying the game.

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