The Pros and Cons of Spinning Reels For Ultralight Fishing

Choosing a spinning reel can a simple task because it’s much direct and easily serve the purpose of any type of fishing style. But to choose the best spinning reel can be a real challenge if you are into specific fishing like ultralight game.


When it comes to ultralight fishing many forget or many not really paying extra attention into choosing the best reel to suit the game for maximum satisfaction. Ultralight fishing require all setup to be as light as possible and also at best combination by matching it properly based on target fish that you always love to catch. One of the main thing is drag should balance with the rule of thumb and the other important factor that many don’t really bother is the smoothness of the drag. Jerking drag will not give you best moment when fighting with fish. A good fishing reel can be very expensive but also there are plenty available in the market within affordable price. Remember a good fishing reel is an important part of the setup that many anglers don’t really paying attention and always end up frustrating due to poor reel quality and also struggling with tangle or jammed reels.

So, why spinning reel?

1. Make life easier than any other reels.
2. No / minimum issues like line tangled or jammed reel and even bird nest.
3. Able to maximize the use of lines because seldom breaks like bait casting.
4. Cheaper than most reels.
5. Can be used in any type of fishing style.
6. Everyone can handle the reel.
7. Everyone can cast a good distance easily.
8. Range of size, shape and specifications allow you to suit the game.
9. Easier to maintain.
10. No line digging issue.
11. Last long.
12. Cost effective.

Disadvantages of Spinning Reels

1. Not at best accuracy for heavier lures.
2. Performance are affected by using larger diameter lines and / or heavier lures.
3. Not many range of large gear ratios.
4. Hard to to pitch and flip easily.
5. Hard to slow the bait down for a soft quiet sneaky approach.
6. Spinning reels is not really controllable.
7. Not a perfect reel to cast under bushes and snags with minimum space.
8. Poor in casting heavier lines.
9. Line twist is a big factor with spinning reels.
10. Not able to create a lot of fish hauling power.
11. Don’t have power when fighting fish.
12. Spinning reel are not known for the ability to handle strong fish.
13. The gear design not ideal for a long gut battle between man and beast.
14. The drag system are not tough enough to handle constant drag pressure and muscle the fish.

Hope this will give you some ideas why spinning reels still the best for ultralight game. Take some time to compare and understand what can benefits you on the long run. Choose the best spinning reel that value for the money. Compare the reels before making your final decision.

If you feel we have missed out few things do comment. 🙂

Thank you and happy fishing!


All information given is based on a best efforts to express our opinions and knowledge that has been acquired. Paragraph or inappropriate words may have been used and it is out of control because we have tried most wisely. If you have suggestions, please comment. We will make changes.

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