The Pros and Cons of Baitcasting Reels For Ultralight Game

Lots of anglers today prefer bait casting over spinning reels because it’s a fashion, stylish and it seem that they feel it’s what pro-anglers does. But the reality is pro-anglers don’t use bait cast reel for ultralight game to cast because it give more problems than fun.


How to choose a proper reel for ultralight fishing using bait casting reel?

Choosing the best bait casting reel is very key if you are into ultralight fishing. You need to make sure it’s balance and matching with the ultralight fishing rule of thumb 6lbs.

Though, having the best bait casting reel for the money is the biggest issue for any angler especially when it comes to ultralight fishing. Bait casting reels for ultralight usually is really expensive.

Generally, you should match your budget and the fishing game. There are few reels available in the market like earlier version Daiwa Presso, Shimano Cardiff DC 50/51, Shimano CQ 50/51s, and the latest Shimano Stephano ci4+ 200. All these reels range from RM600 (second hand) to RM1800 per piece.

Understanding The Need of Best Bait casting Reel

Now, for those who can’t let go BC or wish to try BC for ultralight game you really need to understand the needs of it. It can cause more headaches then bring the best out of your fishing activity. You need to be ready for:

1. Price of bait casting is really expensive.
2. You will spend more time on fixing the bird nest.
3. No flexibility on casting smoothly.
4. Waste more lines than any other reels.
5. Doesn’t make life easier.
6. Maximum issues like line tangled
7. Can’t be used in wide range of fishing style.
8. Not everyone can handle the reel.
9. Distance not like spinning.
10. Not everyone can cast easily.
11. Limited range of size, shape and specifications allow you to suit the game.
12. Limitation in casting low-weight lure.
13. Lots of line digging issue because using small lines.
14. Spending more money on buying terminal tackles and etc.
15. Problems with casting against wind.
16. Can’t skip using light lure.
17. Lack of feel / sensitivity when fishing using light lures.
18. Hard / take time to learn compare to spinning.

I could go on but with these issues you may want to think twice before making decision to use bait casting reels in ultralight fishing.

The Advantages of Bait Casting Reel

1. Best accuracy for heavier lures.
2. Performance not affected by using larger diameter lines and / or heavier lures.
3. Larger range of gear ratios.
4. Able to pitch and flip easily using proper lure weights.
5. Ability to slow the bait down for a soft quiet sneaky approach.
6. Bait casting reels is much more controllable.
7. Perfect casting under bushes and snags with minimum space.
8. Allow to cast heavier lines better than spinning.
9. Line twist is not a factor with baitcast reels.
10. Able to create a lot of fish hauling power.
11. Have more power when fighting fish.
12. Baitcasting reel are known for the ability to handle strong fish.
13. The gear design ideal for a long gut battle between man and beast.
14. The drag system provide more benefits in beating the beast of the deep with constant drag pressure and the confidence to bear down and muscle the fish.
15. Baitcasting reels are tough usually durability and quality.


If you plan to buy bait casting reel, then make sure spend your time wisely to invest in the best bait casting reel that suits your fishing needs. It is very important for you to measure your pocket and understand fishing is about having fun not fixing up reel bird-nest or sacrificing your fishing lures. Suit your setup with the game for maximum satisfaction.

Whether it’s spinning or baitcasting its your choice based on the game you intend to use.


All information given is based on a best efforts to express our opinions and knowledge that has been acquired. Paragraph or inappropriate words may have been used and it is out of control because we have tried most wisely. If you have suggestions, please comment. We will make changes.

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