December 2015 Issue: Kanicen Nix – Ultralight Fishing Icon

Thanks for Umpan Magazine. Years of efforts trying to educate anglers in Malaysia in ultralight fishing is finally paid off and got the recognition. All these come with the support from friends who have put countless time and passion.

Kanicen Nix Ultralight Icon Kanicen Nix Ikon Pancingan UL Kanicen Nix Ikon UltralightNo matter what my status is now I’m still a normal person who just trying to make a difference. You too can contribute if attempted without tireless. It is important we all must join together as one team and unites as a brotherhood where we can develop this fishing industry become stronger and able to contribute for the industry growth especially in ultralight fishing.

Thanks to Umpan Magazine for giving credits for this endeavor. Thanks also to those who always give support to ultralight events in Malaysia. I also share these credits together with all ultralight anglers group Admins like Zamisma Abu, Onie Kurnia, and all my testers like Ridzuwan Muhd ​​Ibrahim, Ibnu Rashid, Mohd Huzairy, Thava Prasanth, MK Brigade Melaka. They never tired of helping. Not to forget all other friends who never stop helping and supporting us. You all are the best!

Local brands will be more successful if we all support each other.

Terima kasih.

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