Type of Anglers and Their Emotions

As an angler we are destined to meet various types of anglers and each one of them having different emotions when it comes to fishing. Their behavior can be seen obviously during fishing activity. Sometime it really funny to see their action but sometime we might end up piss off. Let’s see how many you have encountered and which type that you or they belong to:


Now, do you feel there are more types of anglers we should add? If yes do comment. 🙂


All information given is based on a best efforts to express our opinions and knowledge that has been acquired. Paragraph or inappropriate words may have been used and it is out of control because we have tried most wisely. If you have suggestions, please comment. We will make changes.

Kanicen Nix

Hey guys! You can call me Kanicen and I’m a nature lover. I spend most of my time outdoor with fishing. I have to admit that I am not an expert but I will do my best to share with you interesting stuffs I know. I love ultralight game which means I live to challenge myself with UNREALISTIC LOGIC for satisfaction.

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  1. Angler that sexy…I like…kikiki

  2. Always kumpau angler..huhuhu

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