Ultralight Fishing Trend

No right and wrong here. Everyone has their own understanding about ultralight. Choose what you feel is right and good for your fishing style. Rod created by manufacturer for a purpose and labeled for a reason. What’s the point not following them right?

Whatever the reason is we are trying do our best getting maximum satisfaction by challenging ourselves into following what we feel is the right things to do. We highlight “matching and balancing” because we feel that this is one of the ways to get the best out of ultralight fishing setup we use on our daily fishing activity.

1. Rod: Poundage Max 6lbs
2. Line: Max 6lbs
3. Reel: Drag Max 6lbs

We created max 6lbs for drag is to make the game of ultralight fishing heading toward more challenging game. There’s no reason to use 6kg drag for small fish. Ideally, we would recommend reel size from 200 to 1000 for casting since the weight will make the entire casting process easier. There are some shallow spools reels available in the market suits the game too like Shimano Soare C2000PGSS, Stradic, Ultegra and many other compact spool brands. You can also use other reel sizes which drag claimed by manufacturers within the specs. Some fishing style you may want to use bigger reels like vertical jigging, bottom fishing or drifting fishing where you need longer lines to accommodate needs. You just need to balance and matching it to suit your game.

4. Leader: No limit (trend we implemented is 6lbs and below). But you are welcome to use any leader poundage to learn in the beginning stage. You can use to match it with your fishing location and also based on your target fish.

The reason we created this trend is to get maximum satisfaction (through challenging) by using setup that match and balance at best possible combination. It’s all about balancing and matching. We are the “Trend Setter” for this type of fishing. This is our standards and it’s a new trend that we are trying to expose and expand.

Thank you.