What are XUL and SUL ratings on Ultralight rods?

The rating on the rod is very important to ensure that we get optimal performance for the type of fishing that suits it. If it is wrongly labeled, it can harm the fishing rod and your fishing can be frustrated because the purchased rod cannot perform as you desired.

If you observed carefully, many rods today comes with incorrect rod ratings. There are two main reasons:

1. Rod designer / manufacturer doesn’t understand about the rod rating.
2. Deliberately label them as such for commercial purpose.

As trendsetter and educator we always work hard to ensure that you as an ultralight angler understand the ratings on your ultralight rod.

XUL stands for “Extra Ultra Light” and SUL stands for “Super Extra Light”. Both have different meanings compare with the rating we usually see in “Ultralight” rod labelled as UL.

Each of these ratings has a reason actually and it depends on the type of fishing for which the rod is designed. It is distinguished from elements like lure weights, line test and rod action.

1. UL Rod

Has a maximum lure weight rating of 7g. This is the rating of most ultralight rods in the market. Where if your rod rating falls around 1-4lb, 1-5lb, 1-6lb, 2-6lb, 3-6lb and so on, it is categorized as UL.

2. SUL Rod

Has a maximum lure weight rating of 4g. SUL rods are capable of casting lures as low as 0.8g up to 4g. Not more than that. If more it should be labeled as UL.

3. XUL Rod

Has a maximum lure weight rating of 3g. The XUL rod is capable of casting lures as low as 0.5g up to 3g. Not more than that. If more it should be labeled UL or SUL.

So, what I’m trying to point here is the lure ratings is the key to determine the rod fall into which ultralight categories.

Assume you have a XUL rod rated for lures from 0.5g to 3g and the line rating is just 1 to 3lb. So, for 1/8oz (3.5g) and 4lbs line is actually too much for the rods rated as such.

Ultralight rods rated as XUL or SUL is not fall into a fast action rod. Usually, it can be rated as moderate or slow action or the combination of both moderate slow or moderate fast (but the fast not really fast).

For more informations take a moment to consider reading the history of spin fishing, which was often called “Threadlining” or even “Hairlining”. And you can also read more about ultralight fishing.

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