How to Choose Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Leaders On The Market? Expert’s Reviews

An experienced angler learns that fluorocarbon is one of the best fish cheating tools to be used to hunt all kind of fish especially those are spooked. Picking a good fishing fluorocarbon leaders can be a headache because reliability, strength and quality become the decision factors. Choosing the best fluorocarbon are possibly the best available that currently present on the market which used by many anglers.

Fluorocarbon technology is used for various reasons and one of them is as fishing line/leader because of the materials made of packed molecules that creates the density and weight which ideal for fishing lines production. With these benefits it fits the important elements that required for fluorocarbon lines/leaders and become an advantage for anglers.

Top Fluorocarbon Leader in the Market


Although the fluorocarbon fishing leader material claimed by manufacturers is the same there some factors like quality that differs among them and there are few things that you should consider when choosing a fluorocarbon fishing leader. That is:

1. Robustness / Strength

For most anglers the first thing they will consider before buying a fluorocarbon is “the strength” of the leader. They need a strong and tough fluorocarbon leader that possibility able to sustain any fish. So, the resistant to abrasion is one of the features that a must for any leader.

Expert Review: Those days fluorocarbon is always hard and stiff but with technology today the leader become more flexible and less stiff for easier casting. An experienced angler always considered 2 things to avoid the leader does not snap easily and these are:

Point 1: To choose a strong leader you need to find a fluorocarbon that have good abrasion resistant not the one like standard leader that have the same diameter but without good abrasion resistant. It will allow for better hook-up power.
Point 2: A good fluorocarbon leader should be able to resist UV light and water. This will protect the fluorocarbon fishing leader and last longer.

2. Sensitivity

Fluorocarbon leader is almost no memory and the sensitivity is really high because the energy is transmitted properly due to the molecules are compactly packed. As the fluorocarbon leader molecules are compactly packed. Normal anglers may not be able to feel this because lack of experience into various type of fishing.

Expert Review: Since the fluorocarbon leaders are almost no memory, an experienced angler may feel the extra sense when catching the target especially small fish. This is good for those who are into ultralight game because sensitivity is the key success to increase strike rate. Fluorocarbon leaders also sink faster than normal leaders.

3. Thickness / Diameter

Thickness plays an important role in many aspects during fishing. These are toughness, sinking faster and suitability. The thicker the fluorocarbon leader is the tough is going to be so this will suit with your game preferences and heavier leaders also sinks faster than lighter ones.

Expert Review: The best way to choose a fluorocarbon leaders are based on target fish, fishing spots and also level of confident. Choosing a proper fluorocarbon diameter will bring advantages to your fishing targets. Fluorocarbon will definitely bring better benefit to your fishing than any other leaders. Use proper diameter for small fish and larger diameter for bigger predator.

4. Visibility

For common anglers they only understand “fluorocarbon leaders” is invisible so it’s good to use. It’s good to choose a proven leader with low reflection feature so that fish cannot notice it in the water.

Expert Review: Spooked fish is hard to catch so fluorocarbon leaders can be the best option especially in the clear waters because it is nearly-invisible fluorocarbon where it doesn’t reflect the light (light is passing through the leader) and making the leader look the same as the water. The refractive index that is nearly equal to water where the light can go through fluorocarbon fishing leader as easily as it goes through water. Water has a refractive index of 1.30 and fluorocarbon leader has 1.42, which is very close on the refractive scale.


Now, you need to understand Fluorocarbon Leader and Fluorocarbon Line are 2 different things. Fluorocarbon Leader is tough, heavier, high abrasion-resistant and not supple. Fluorocarbon leader is good to use with braided line since the line is very visible to fish. As for the Fluorocarbon line it’s softer, supple, thinner, less abrasion-resistant and this to be used with fishing reel.

The technology and science behind the engineering of fluorocarbon is really genius. The create something that almost have same refractive index as water to cheat fish is beyond words and a great achievement.

Fluorocarbon can be expensive than normal fishing lines because of its technology. There are tons of fluorocarbon lines/leaders available in the market but not all as claimed. So, it requires review by experts, field-testing and also understand the whole features of fluorocarbon. To choose a good fluorocarbon leader for all type of situation is not hard when you know what you are doing. Take your time and keep test different type of brands. The exposure you are getting from this will give you some indications the best leader that suits your game.

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