Freshwater Fishing Tips

Fishing is a fun sport and requires a bit of skill and time. Depending on your fishing location, your tactics sought to persuade the fish will be different. Brackish water or cold requires a certain style of fishing while calm waters such as fresh water may require different set of strategies. Regardless of the type of fish or water, there are some tips for freshwater fishing that everyone should follow for more effective fishing session.


1. Lakes and rivers fishing go the area where water turns from shallow to deep. Fish love to get together and find food in this area.
2. Shiny / glittering lures can attract certain fish, but the reflection of the sun can make fish see the baits but the wave makes them hard to see and can cause confusion.
3. Using fishing lures based flat colors is more ideal to avoid too much reflection.
4. Cast near the cliffs for more bites because fish like the prowl near the cliff.
5. Look for mossy area with structures / weeds / rocky is more suitable because small fishes prefer to swim in this area and predators always will be around them.
6. Use baits that looks like insects. The bigger fish like bass really enjoy insects.
7. Check daily local catch reports for the latest information about the area where they get more strike and study their types of baits used.
8. Sunrise is a good time to fish, try to get out early in the morning.
9. Give attention to the movements of your line and baits. Learn how to understand the difference between curious fish follow the bait and fish will take your bait. The attitude will allow you to make decision on baits.
10. Focus on the fishing area like water-inlet and outlet because that is where small fishes usually play and drifted. Predators usually settle for the easy target.
11. Do a bit of research on the area you are going to fish and find out what kind of fish live there and what they like.
12. Do a bit of research on the area you are going to fish and find out what kind of fish live there and what they like. Be patient. Patience really is the key to target on certain species. Making notes for each catch is very good because it will teach you to better understand the location, fish species, how they eat, the water condition, suitable lures / baits and various other factors that affecting the catches. Remember all good things come to those who really patient and took the time to understand things.

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All information given is based on a best efforts to express our opinions and knowledge that has been acquired. Paragraph or inappropriate words may have been used and it is out of control because we have tried most wisely. If you have suggestions, please comment. We will make changes.

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