Ultralight Fishing

Ultralight Angling Has Transitioned Into a Phenomenon Globally. The Future of Ultralight Fishing – Setting Up The Trend


Ultralight Angling has not only transitioned into a phenomenon locally, but it has spread it’s reach globally. In the past, when Ultralight Angling was introduced to Malaysian anglers, many were skeptical about it and were of the impression that it will not receive a healthy reception amongst local anglers. As of now, almost all local anglers in Malaysia possess an …

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The Origins of Ultralight Spinning


Certain ways of angling are at least as rewarding for their technique and style as for the results they have to offer. It’s not that we can do without the catch, but the modus operandi can be a delight in itself. Ultralight Spinning has become one of the most used techniques in this generation. This is perhaps most clearly recognisable …

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How To Measure Your Reel Drag Setting For Ultralight Fishing?


The drag mechanism on the reel is designed to let you set how much fish resistance you feel when it pulls your baits and fishing line. Drag is measured in pounds but the manufacturer will label it to the closest estimation in KG. The more you tighten the drag the stronger you will feel the fish resistance. If you apply …

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Understanding Ultralight Fishing Concept For A Big Fish


Ultralight game has taken up the momentum again now since it was introduced long ago. We can hear almost everywhere anglers are talking about Ultralight fishing regardless they enjoy it or they don’t accepting it. In Malaysia this phenomenon has now spread throughout the country. It has become one of the sport fishing style that ventured by various ages and …

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4 Easiest Steps To Balance and Matching Your Fishing Gear


Introduction – Why Need to Balance and Matching? Step 1: Rod Selection – The FIRST of Everything Step 2: Reel Selection – Match it Properly Step 3: Main Line Selection – Adjust it Based On Your Targets and Suitability Step 4: Leaders & Terminal Tackles – Each and Everything Does Matter Conclusion: Balance and Match is For Greater Fun Share …

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Understanding Your Fishing Line or Rod Classification


Many anglers never really understand what is line / rod classification and it is still debated by some anglers who have drifted due to lack of research and reading. Many still feel their orthodox knowledge is correct and rejecting the idea of new technology available for better balance and matching fishing game. Before you read what I will share below …

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Tips on Fishing Rod Selection Based on Power, Action and Length


H aving appropriate fishing gears is important in your daily fishing activities. With a wide range of baits/lures available in the market choosing a suitable rod(s) with good action, proper length and suitable power to cast the baits/lures is very important. Many rods have been produced by manufacturers to ensure its ability balanced with other factors to give the angler …

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Taking Steps to Ultralight Fishing

Ultralight fishing is now approaching a more positive direction. This is because the changes taking place in our world with the fishing spots become lesser that were once considered fish heaven is now damaged because of development. Now, the world is filled with stone forest where all the rivers and lakes have been filled in for development purposes. So, big …

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Big Fish Using Ultralight Setup. Being Impossible to Not Impossible!


At one time majority of anglers will find it hard to believe that ultralight setup less than 6lbs able to tame big fish. For them it’s impossible, all are lies and it does not make sense at all. Up till now there are still many who do not believe even the evidence is already given. Why is this happening? There …

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Which Fishing Mainline is Suitable For Ultralight Game?


Disagreements happen anywhere in all kind of fishing game and same goes for ultralight fishing. There are a handful of anglers who consider themselves smarter (from producer / engineer who did not sleep during the night to make high-quality line) said that ultralight is ONLY for mono line not for braided line. Really? There once I read in a group …

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