Big Fish Using Ultralight Setup. Being Impossible to Not Impossible!

At one time the majority of anglers will not believe that ultralight setup less than 6lbs able to tame the bigger fish. For them it’s impossible, all are lies and it does not make sense at all. Up till now there are still many who do not believe even the evidence is already given.


Why is this happening?

There are few reasons actually they are still having the doubts and that is:

1. Never understand the setup they use. Why rod / reel / line was given a certain specification which lead to not understanding each setup capability.
2. Never try to find differences in various fishing style. From the beginning until now they are still in the same kind of fishing style.
3. Never refer to or read an article on the Internet or in magazines. So, no information about what others can do.
4. Never learn from the pro.
5. Never mix with other anglers and this makes them still under shell.
6. Overrated own self.
7. No experience & never try ultralight.

and there are plenty reasons…

Why all above is happening?


No Knowledge, No Creativity.
No Creativity, No Skills.
No Skills, No Diversity.
No Diversity, No Experience.
No Experience, No IMAGINATION.

So, how actually to land a big fish with ultralight?

The best to understand ultralight fishing is by making sure get the knowledge and on-field experience all kind of fishing games. You need to give focus on line/rod classification every time you are downsizing. By doing this you will:

1. Understand the line strength (every poundage).
2. Understand the reels capability.
3. Understand your rod maximum capacity.
4. Understand how to handle fish.
5. Understand how to strike.
6. Understand how not to break the line/rod.
7. Understand patient is the only way to land the fish.
8. Understand no force in ultralight.

and many more…

It’s highly recommended to take time and use the setup for quite sometimes. Spend more time to learn the basics so that you really understand. It’s good also trying to find various types of fish and also fishing at various location/area. This will train you to handle various species and learn how to land them properly. The main reason doing all these is actually getting the experience and build your confident. When you have the experience and confident then everything is possible.

Whatever steps you are taking you need to try it properly. Gain the knowledge, experience and confidence by trying and keep practicing until you get it properly. Nothing comes easy unless you try it.

These experiences taught me to be patient when fighting with the fish.
These experiences taught me to understand the movement of fish.
These experiences taught me to about fish habitat.
These experiences taught me about the fish strength.
These experiences taught me the proper techniques to land the fish.
These experience taught me every line I breaks the closer I become to understand it.
These experiences taught me IMPOSSIBLE BECOME NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

World Records With Small Lines

Huge marlin world-record catches on ridiculously thin lines
Huge marlin world-record catches on ridiculously thin lines
Huge marlin world-record catches on ridiculously thin lines-team-work
Huge marlin world-record catches on ridiculously thin lines-team-work

Ultralight Fishing Video

Barramundi 5.3kg – Ultralight 1lb Berkley Fireline Crystal

GT 4kg++ – Ultralight 1lb Berkley Fireline Crystal with Leebass Ultralight Rod

Red Tail 10kg – Ultralight 6lbs Berkley Fireline Crystal with Leebass Ultralight Rod

Red Tail 6kg – Ultralight 6lbs Berkley Fireline Crystal with Leebass Ultralight Rod

Giant Snakeheads – Ultralight 1lbs Berkley Fireline Crystal with Leebass Ultralight Rod

More videos at:

Ultralight Fishing Photos

Patin-22kg on ultralight
Patin-22kg on ultralight
Patin-16kg on ultralight
Patin-16kg on ultralight
pacu-3.6kg on ultralight
pacu-3.6kg on ultralight


Nothing is impossible in fishing. It’s just a matter of efforts and luck. The more you keep trying the nearer you get there. What really matters is look for the knowledge and gain experiences through on-field.

Never doubts human capability. Everyone can do wonders.

When you decided to try on ultralight the first thing you need to understand is “Ultralight is NOT for the big fish”. Balance with your target fish and enjoy the game as it should be. But if your luck to strike big one then all these experience will allow you to handle them properly. If you able to land it then its a bonus if not then value the experience. Nothing wrong to try on big fish if you have the right knowledge and experience. Ultralight fishing is something you should try and love. It can give you pleasure and fun in the area where nobody can really explain it. Its just pure fishing. Its just an ART.

Welcome to ultralight fishing and do enjoy it.


All information given is based on a best efforts to express our opinions and knowledge that has been acquired. Paragraph or inappropriate words may have been used and it is out of control because we have tried most wisely. If you have suggestions, please comment. We will make changes.

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