• Kanicen Nix

    Kanicen Nix

    Kanicen Nix - The Founder of Ultralight Anglers, Snake Head Hunters, PB Casters, Official Ultralight Anglers Store (Facebook Group), Kanicen Nix Malaysian Brand,, & He is a true ULTRALIGHT ANGLER & known as THE "Ultralight Trend Setter". It's not about catching the fish, but learning the entire process to land the fish. He strongly carries our motto "It's not the brand, but how you use your rod". A sportsman and a nature lover. Fishing is all about having FUN because it's "MY HOBBY. I LOVE FISHING! This means I live to challenge myself with UNREALISTIC LOGICS." says him. To get the "Maximum Satisfaction, you need to be Extreme".
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    Pemancing biasa yang baru terjebak dalam dunia Ultralight Fishing. Oh indahnya~