Anything Is Possible, A Test of Character…

Well, it’s almost impossible. We’ve gone from an angler that always looks for fans to a mature angler that only look for satisfaction. I believe you’ll agree if I say we’ve been through a lot as an angler. With all the life as a school boy gone, what’s going to happen to us nobody can predict. We all know what the answers are. We all want to be happy, go to college or university, get a good job, own a car, get married and raise a family. But what if that doesn’t happen? I have; and I have to be honest though. I have all the hope and ambition in the world but when I think about the future but the truth it’s all actually blank. We can never predict. We can only plan and work on it as if it will be the correct path.


I was standing up here and looking at all the people and I felt like they didn’t know me. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t have taken all those steps to get involves in the game so called “ultralight fishing” because mostly I think they don’t really bother what game they are into.

Right when everything goes wrong suddenly my close friend said something that I can never forget. It goes…

Friend: I gotta tell you something. Kanicen, can you do me a favor, just a couple of minutes?”

Me: Wow! Suddenly… You sound serious… Then I heard him whispers…

Friend: Kanicen… It’s all working out for you, don’t you see? It’s all working out, just like you planned. All the years of hard works, all the vacations you gave up, it’s all working out just the way you’ve planned. You’re tough, Kanicen. You’ve won it. You’re front there man. So, stop worrying and look ahead. You’re going to take a big step, a big leap, and before you do, I just want one thing from you. You stand up straight and admit you’re special and a man of steel.

Me: You are good at making me nervous but at the same time you also made me realized what I am.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE is a positive attitude that I have since younger days and getting mature is a process dealing with characters and community, and it works a strong angle promoting faith and belief in getting through tough times.

It depicts a strong community organizing around a suffering nation and doing whatever it takes to help a local anglers stay afloat and help a boy reunite with his rightful hobby. That said, it also promotes a likely very unrealistic idea about the odds of introducing an idea that not many can accept.

Although some people hiding and trying their luck in punching and kicking the punching bag in a full kickboxing gear because of jealousy. But yet, I’m still standing, still moving forward for better game in ultralight fishing.

Friend: Exactly, Kanicen. That’s what I meant. Now, you have something that others don’t have.

Me: A heart?

Friend: Yes.

Me: Aduh, everyone has one of that buddy.

Friend: Yeah, I know everyone has a heart. But a heart is so much more than just that Okay? And yours… Yours is very special.

Me: How is that?

Friend: Remember when you lost your wife?

Me: Come on buddy, please, how can I forget that. She was murdered. One of those things I can never forget.

Friend: Well, when you going through that pain everyone saw something in you; that your recovery was going to depend on the strength of your character and that is when I knew.

Me: Knew what?

Friend: That you were going to be okay.

See, these days, science, you can put a new heart in someone and make them get real big and strong but what they can’t give you is the character that comes along with that heart.

Me: What’s character?

Friend: Character is something that everyone possesses but very few put to good use.

Me: A lot like common sense?

Friend: Exactly like common sense.

Kanicen, the value of a human being is not based on their bones or how big and strong they are or how tall they are, it’s based on the conviction of their character.

And you, you have enough for an entire brigade, buddy. You have true friends that willing to help in everything you do.

Now do yourself and everyone who loves you a favor, and don’t waste time on things that not going to bring you any benefits. It’s your time now. Now or never buddy.

Go and be what you’ve always dream. Stop whining.

Me: Thanks buddy 🙂

Fishing is a test of character – Kanicen Nix

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