Our Direction

Ultralight fishing is really broad and everyone has their own opinion about it and it depend on each understanding.

What about us?


Its very simply we stick to 6lbs and below based on rod, main line and reel. Leader is optional but it would be great if this you can downsizing it to suit the targeted fish. Anyway, we believe in trying it first with higher poundage and gradually lowering it down to gain experience and skill.

Why such rules?

Simple! Everyone one knows that 6lbs and below for line/rod rating is classified as ultralight. Even all the big player / manufacturer / Wikipedia stated the same and uses the same line classification for rating their rods, lines and reels. What we are trying to do is getting maximum satisfaction by challenging ourselves with such rules by making sure all the setup combination is within the specs and this is where we will learn the importance of “Matching and Balancing”.

We believe only with this you will be able to learn new things and gain experience. Obviously, you will realize your skills will improve on various areas including understanding the entire process of getting the setup right.

There are too many sub-category for ultralight or known as UL and by now you should have seen many rods are labelled UL but but its not actually UL. This is where many anglers facing collision of understanding. Whatever the reason is we here did our best efforts to fine tune and improvise the UL concept with the global basis of 6lbs so that its easier to understand and apply. But this is different for Japanese anglers where they use the term UL for the tackle which based on targeted fish. Remember, all these is created by human and they want you to follow. No one is wrong here.

Up to now there is no standard saying this is wrong or right. All these are based on our years of fishing practices and experiences on certain fishing area. Not everything can be written on stone, its all based on culture, tradition, experience and knowledge that being passed on.

What we are trying to do here is to spread the co-existence trend which has never been seriously expose. And for this reason we are labelled as Trend Setter not only in Malaysia but also all the countries surroundings. We fine tune our tackles to suit the fish and improvise what Japanese and Europe trying to do with their fishing style. We created our own products called “Grenti Strike” (soft baits and hard baits) and also few ultralight fishing rods like “Leebass”, “Sengat”, “Sailang” and few others which is still in progress that was designed to suit the fish.

Ultralight fishing is very simple if you understand it. You only need to remember the maximum setup of 6lbs to qualify as UL anglers. This includes Rod, Reel and main line no matter mono or braided. Leader is flexible based on the fishing location and targeted fish. Our advise to you is get on-the-field not just reading. Go on a field test and prove the real meaning of UL. You will not understand the real terms UL does no matter how great you are with your theory. Never assume without practical.

Fishing is our hobby. Not less not more.

Gained Respect By Respecting Others!

We are doing our best to express ourselves here. Forgive us if we sound a bit harsh. There is no intention to insult or showing off. We just want everyone to understand the actual meaning of ultralight fishing (UL). We may being a bit of emotional while writing this article but our intention is sincere and hoping for nothing in return.